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Richard Greene – Air America Radio talk show host.

Internationally acclaimed communication coach. An attorney by trade from USC Law School, Richard left the practice of law to share his communication skills with presidents, prime ministers, political candidates, CEO's and CFO's of Fortune 500 companies, attorneys, judges, actors, and others. Frequent media analyst on communication skills, specializing in analysis of political events, he has made over 500 personal appearances on CNN, NBC and ABC News, "Nightline", "Good Morning America", The BBC, and many others. Covered the 1996, 2000 and 2004 Republican and Democratic National Conventions for various networks and analyzed the presidential debates for USA Today. Author of Words That Shook The World (2002).

  • Statement of Richard Greene, Air America Radio host 3/2/08:

    "Now I went to Senator Kerrey [Bob Kerrey, member of the 9/11 Commission] and I said. "Senator --" because he's associated with Air America -- I said, "Senator, are you still believing that there wasn't enough time and enough money to do an investigation?"

    And he said, "Absolutely."

    I said, "Are you calling for a new investigation?"

    And he said, "No, Richard, I am going further than that." He said, "I am calling for a permanent 9/11 Commission."

    And I said, "Senator, is this public? Can I announce that on the air? And are you willing to come on the air and say that?"

    And he said, "Yes." (link is no longer active)

  • Editor's note: See also Philip Shenon for corroboration of Senator Kerrey's position.

  • On-air comments during a 2-hour 9/11 Special on Air America Radio in which he interviewed Lorie Van Auken, Col. Ann Wright, Gina Belafonte, and Janice Matthews, Executive Director of 9/11/07:

    "The 9/11 Commission could not get what it wanted. 60 percent of what it requested of the White House was refused. Documentation refused. Requests for information refused by the Bush White House. And my question is, "What do they have to hide?" Because if you have nothing to hide, you don't obstruct the investigation into the greatest tragedy in American history. ...

    I have my own opinions, but the only opinion I care to share right now is that there are unanswered questions and that the investigation is not complete. Now why do I say that? I say that because, as I said yesterday, I have personal knowledge of that fact. I have personal knowledge in speaking to Chairman Governor Kean of New Jersey, the Chairman of the 9/11 Commission, who said to me, to my face, "There was not enough time. There was not enough money to do anything further than what we did." i.e "We didn't complete the job." Commissioner Tim Roemer, a Congressman from Indiana, said to me "There wasn't enough time. There wasn't enough money. We did the best we could." And Senator Bob Kerry, who you hear on Air America on Saturdays on occasion, said the same thing, "Well there really wasn't enough time. There wasn't enough money."

    Well you know what, that was a big event that happened six years ago and dammit, we need to have some questions answered. And I made a list, so we're going to be talking about that with Lorie Van Auken and Janice Matthews [Executive Director of] . We're going to have a statement from Senator Mike Gravel, who is calling for a new investigation. And we're going to be talking to a bunch of other people." Audio at

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